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NCLEX Review Online Mini-Course

Get the strategies that will Finally crack the code and help you pass the NCLEX 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Understanding Cardiac Dysrhythmias – In this mini-class I'll walk you through all normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms. You'll be able to easily identify paced rhythms and life threatening dysrhythmias.
  • 12 – eBook Electrolytes Imbalances – In this 12 – eBook bundle you will learn electrolytes balance and imbalances. To save you time, I've highlighted the most common signs and symptoms of each electrolyte imbalance so you don't have to spend hours reading a text book.
  • Lab Values and Commonly Monitored Drugs – In these 2 – eBooks you will learn normal ranges of common lab values. You will also be able to quickly identify the commonly monitored drugs that require a therapeutic level for effectiveness and toxicity risk.

What People Are Saying:

“Mrs. Taylor, Thank God, came in to my life 5 years ago…And she just helped me understand the concepts that were being taught in class and to actually apply them in real life…helping you pass your NCLEX on the first try.”

Maria A., Former Nursing Student (RN for 5 Years)

“So what is there to say about Mrs. Taylor…She’s a great teacher…She didn’t just teach us the material she taught us how to understand the material…And she didn’t just teach us what to think, she taught us how to think.”

Neil R., Former Nursing Student (passed NCLEX 3 months ago)

“I had Mrs. Taylor as my clinical instructor…Taking the NCLEX every time I got a lab value I was like ‘oh my God, I got this’…she really drilled this in our head.”

Mattie L., Former Nursing Student (passed NCLEX 3 months ago)

“Because of Odette Taylor I have grown to be a very confident nurse who is able to clarify with physicians, advocate for my patients…I highly recommend her for learning and NCLEX preparation.”

Dafnett P., Former Nursing Student (RN for 5 Years)